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About Us

OASAL Limited is biotechnology startup promoting frontier technology particularly, circular economy using agricultural waste to produce innovative solutions and products. Our flagship project is focused on the cashew value chain and adapts innovative ideas focused on applying technology to enable the reuse of materials and removal of waste.

Our Values

Join us on our journey to build a greener future through eco-conscious manufacturing, groundbreaking technologies, and unwavering commitment to quality and transparency. We empower our employees, optimize resources, and continuously improve to make a lasting impact. Together, let’s cultivate a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission

At Oasal, the seeds of sustainability bloom with every innovative product we create. We nurture a greener future through eco-conscious practices and groundbreaking technologies. Empowered by transparency and collaboration, we strive for continuous improvement, leaving a legacy of environmental stewardship. Join us on this journey – together, we can blossom into a brighter tomorrow.

Our Business & The SDGs

Cashew apples, a byproduct of cashew nut production, can be processed to generate additional income for farmers, lifting them out of poverty and contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 1. Moreover, processing cashew apples reduces food waste, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 2. These dual benefits of cashew apple processing showcase the transformative power of resourcefulness and innovation in addressing global challenges.

OASAL’s commitment to sustainable industrialization is evident in its partnership with small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs in the collection phase. This approach not only enhances raw material supply but also creates a significant number of employment opportunities. OASAL’s model exemplifies the importance of collaboration and partnerships in driving sustainable development and empowering local communities.

The business is committed to addressing climate change by adopting sustainable production processes, promoting eco-friendly charcoal briquettes, producing industrial ethanol from cashew apples and continuously seeking ways to improve its environmental performance. These initiatives and practices significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

OASAL is committed to reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. The company’s core business is waste recycling, and it employs circular production methods that minimize waste generation after production. This demonstrates OASAL’s dedication to sustainable consumption and production patterns, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 12.5.

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